Camp for less in the Basque Country

As a 3-star campsite in the Basque Country, the Harrobia campsite, despite its proximity to the beach of Bidart and its exceptional location on the Basque Coast, leads a pricing policy allowing all holidaymakers wishing to stay in the Basque Country to access discounted campsite holidays. Indeed, the rates offered by the campsite are cheaper than those of the competition, both in Bidart and in the Basque Country, for the same service. Take advantage of a pleasant setting, an ideal location, and discounted rates to spend a dream holiday on the Basque Coast with your partner or family in our cheap campsite in the Basque Country. In addition, the Harrobia campsite regularly offers promotional offers allowing for save money on the final price of your stay. Smart camping is camping for less thanks to the campsite in Bidart in the Basque Country.

Rent a mobile home at low prices on the Basque Coast

By the night or by the week, the prices of our mobile home rentals are accessible to all so that you can spend holiday in a budget mobile home while enjoying the Basque Coast. Check out our mobile home rental rates and book your rental stay at unbeatable prices in the Basque Country. Despite the low cost of renting a mobile home, it is important to emphasise that all our rentals (mobile homes, chalets, bungalows) are maintained, so the services are identical to those you will find elsewhere. Our difference: we want to offer you cheap mobile home rental in the Basque Country.

House Swap Basque Country cheap holidays

Choose cheap accommodation in the Basque Country and spend your time enjoying tapas, strolling through the old town and admiring the ancient architecture.
If you are looking for a cheap accommodation, Our campsite offers a wide range of accommodation to suit your size and budget. The campsite is one of the most popular accommodations in the region. This is due to the fact that the accommodation is affordable and very suitable for large families. The most booked accommodations in the Basque Country are mobile homes and chalets. We have everything you need for a successful holiday in the Basque Country, to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

Camp for less in the Basque Country and enjoy the pool

Cheap doesn’t have to mean restrictive, that’s why at campsite Harrobia, when you book a special offer, or your camping holiday for less than elsewhere, you also have the right to all the services that go with it, so access to the swimming pool of the campsite Pays Basque where you can sunbathe with your family. It doesn’t cost more to come and stay with a wide range of services, including our aquatic area for both children and adults, so don’t hesitate to book your stay at our cheap Pays Basque campsite.